Monumental trees

Have you ever been to La Fira de l’Avet in Espinelves? (Fir tree fair) We would like to suggest you a fantastic visit to the Masjoan arboretum in Espinelves, which you can visit the whole year.

The Masjoan arboretum was mainly created by Marià Masferrer Rierola (1856-1923), eminent naturalist and botanist that studied deeply the flora and fauna of Les Guilleries.

Currently, there is a walking itinerary through the Arboretum, where you will see some remarkable species of fir trees, which have been catalogued as monumental.


Being the place where you will find the larger number of monumental trees in Catalonia, this is a grove formed by a great number of conifers, mainly planted by Marià Masferrer between 1860 and 1911. Many of the trees are more than 40m height, among which is also the highest fir tree of the country.

Maybe you have seen these fantastic monumental trees in some TV ads, try to remember…

A bit of its history

Jesús Masferrer Torrent, promoted the introduction of conifers, such as the Dougles fir tree and the Masjoan fir tree (Abies masjoanis), which he discovered. This is a hybrid, originated naturally in this land at the beginning of the 50s, due to the fertilization of Abies pinsapo pines with Abies alba pollen.

The exploitation of fir trees as Christmas trees began in 1960 by Jesús Masferrer Torrent, who was pioneer in the cultivation of Christmas trees, especially masjoanis. This became one of the most important economical activities of Les Guilleries.


If you were considering to visit the Fira Medieval de Vic (medieval fair) (offering great innovations this year), there is no need to rush out. Remember that La Fira de l’Avet (Fir tree fair) will take place from the 6th to the 15th of December.