I want to invite you to meet Osona

Su historia, su memoria, su territorio físico y su gente. Osona es una tierra de imponente pasado histórico, rica en patrimonio cultural, con muchas curiosidades que desconocemos y rodeada de parajes de gran belleza. Aquí encontrarás una recopilación de todas las curiosidades, el pasado, el patrimonio y los mejores parajes de nuestra comarca que ya […]

Santa Cecília’s festival

Once more there is the long-awaited festival of our small town, Santa Cecília de Voltregà. There are not many activities taking place, but they are all in a family environment. Some of the more known and awaited events by all the people in town are the orientation race, the night walk, the 4×4 circuit, the […]

Take a walk through our mountains

Extraordinary but long tour through the mountain tops of El Voltreganès. Autumn is the ideal moment, if the weather permits it, to have a small walk by the wood and see the variety of colors existing at this stage of the year. We would like to suggest you one of the various trails you will […]

Monumental trees

Have you ever been to La Fira de l’Avet in Espinelves? (Fir tree fair) We would like to suggest you a fantastic visit to the Masjoan arboretum in Espinelves, which you can visit the whole year. The Masjoan arboretum was mainly created by Marià Masferrer Rierola (1856-1923), eminent naturalist and botanist that studied deeply the […]