The meals

Osona is a region known by its gastronomy. That’s why we would like to approach you to some of the quality products of our region.

It is worth to stress the pork products, specially the pork sausage (called llangonissa), not forgetting the meats, cheeses, Osona’s bread baked in wood-fired oven and the ecological products.

How to get more information?

You may ask for more information filling in the form you will find at the reservations section or calling at 609 14 92 12.

How to make a reservation for the baskets?

The booking must be done one week before your arrival. You will find the requested “basket” in the house, well presented and in the fridge, if necessary.

The baskets

Enjoy the great pleasure of savoring some of the options we are offering hereunder:

cistella-pa1. Pa amb tomàquet basket (bread with tomato) (1 kg bread with an assortment of sausages like llonganissa, fuet, sumaia, bull banc and bull negre)

cistella-barbacoa2. Barbecue basket (botifarra (sausage), pork skirt steak, beef skirt steak)

cistella-xai3. Lamb basket (1/2 a lamb of Mas el Corral of 5 to 6 kilos or a complete lamb of 10 to 11 kilos approximately)

cistella-amanida4. Salad basket (lettuce, tomato and spring onion)

cistella-cuinats5. Cooked dishes basket. If you don’t like cooking, we can also offer you the possibility to buy season cooked dishes, prepared with products of the region. More information at and also in their facebook.