Take a walk through our mountains

Sant Martí Xic els Nostres Cims3

Extraordinary but long tour through the mountain tops of El Voltreganès.

Autumn is the ideal moment, if the weather permits it, to have a small walk by the wood and see the variety of colors existing at this stage of the year.

We would like to suggest you one of the various trails you will find around Mas el Corral; PR C-49 from Voltregà to Santa Perpètua. In principle, this route begins in Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, passing by different streets of town, till reaching the Creu del Morral (625m). However, in this case, our starting point will be just in front of the oak at the house yard.


Following the white and yellow marks of PR C-49 you will arrive in Sant Martí Xic at 865m, where the Voltregà castle is. Here you will have a fantastic panoramic view of the Plana de Vic and you will also find some stone tables to have something to eat after the climb to the top of the Voltregà castle. Following the western slope of the hill, you will find small caves and passing just by the incredible cliffs of Puigpelat and Baulenas to the Puigpelat water source (585m), located at the bottom of the Sorreigs stream, crossed by the PR C-46 that comes down following the course of the Tuta ditch, you will reach the top of Santa Perpètua de Voltregà, at 789m. The descent is through a rocky terrain, that will become softer until Santa Cecília de Voltregà. Once in town, you will go round the church by the left side, passing by the water source of Santa Cecilia de Voltregà, restored by the village people. This is the last point before going back to Mas el Corral.


Ideal for hiking lovers and also to practice running in the middle of nature.